1. Create An Account


Creating an account with thefield.io is easy. You can use the social login feature to create an account from your LinkedIn account or register with a business email account. For your convenience, you will be automatically logged in afterward.

Once you have registered you can: a) add a new listing from the “My Account” drop-down menu, or b) take over and manage an existing listing by selecting “Claim Listing” on the banner image at the top of a listing.  Verification and Approval can take up to 2 business days but is usually much faster.

2. Submit Your Listing – OR – Claim a Current Listing


Submitting Your Listing

Submitting a listing is super simple; just fill out the form!  There are several optional fields which allow you to include a lot of information about your organization.

If there is something you feel we are missing or have any suggestions you can also use the “Contact Us” feature located at the bottom of the page.  We are always looking for ways to improve thefield.io.

Claiming a Current Listing


Once you have created an account you can claim your listing by clicking the icon on any unclaimed listing.  This icon disappears on a listing that has been claimed by a verified company representative.

We try to verify and approve these claims as quickly as possible and once approved you will be able to manage and edit these listings from the “My Account” menu drop-down.  Simply select “Edit” on your listing and you can change or add information.  We have partnered with G2Xchange to offer their corporate members Gold Level Listing features such as social media links, featured video, extended Specialties and more, at no charge.  For further information, or to obtain the Gold Level Listing benefits for your company you may contact us at Support@thefield.io.

* Data and Data Sources

Some of the data featured on thefield.io are sourced from external sources such as SAM.gov, FPDS.gov, FedHealthIT.com, as well as others.  This happens automatically and the data is not editable on your managed listings. If there is an error, we suggest that you contact the relevant sources directly.